Ministers Defy Mugabe

By Jessica Mundawarara|
Now Daily|

President Robert Mugabe has confirmed that his ministers are the worst abusers of land grabbed violently from white farmers.
Mugabe was speaking in Makonde Wednesday at a handover of new government permits farm invaders, that are set to replace the widely abused ‘offer letters’.
The new system is being used to screen farmers who will be allowed to continue on the occupied farms while the rest will be kicked out, according to officials.
Mugabe said many members of his cabinet were holding on to land they were not using for farming while others were renting out the farms to whites, whom he said were no longer allowed to farm in Zimbabwe.
“There are those who still believe that the land they acquired was to afford them places to visit over weekends for braais and picnic parties or for prestige or as places for internment when they pass on. Surely these will sooner than later lose the farms allocated to them,” Mugabe told peasants in an apparent attempt to diffuse tensions over ministers grabbing choice farms in Mashonaland West, many of which are lying idle.
“We are aware that some have either abandoned land allocated to them without having constructed any buildings there. Others have sub-leased the land or surrendered it to individuals for lease rentals. What annoys us is when our own indigenous farmers sub-lease to the very same white farmers we took our heritage from yesterday,” Mugabe said.
He did not say what action he would take against the rebellious ministers.
(c) NOW DAILY 2014.


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