Kasukuwere Clashes With Army Chief

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

Environment, water and climate minister Saviour Kasukuwere is embroiled in a legal dispute with major-general Engelbert Rugeje over hunting permits in the lucrative Save Conservancy in Masvingo.
According to court papers seen by NOW DAILY, Rugeje and several other senior Zanu PF officials in the province want the High Court to compel Kasukuwere’s ministry to give them hunting permits for the 2014 season running from March to October.
According to the papers filed by Tendekai Hove of Musunga and Associates, Rugeje accuses officials in the ministry of failing in their duty of processing permits required to bring in cash-rich foreign trophy hunters.
Kasukuwere told state media Rugeje and the other four applicants would not get the permits as government had decided they must leave the conservancies. The minister said the decision to withdraw the conservancy permits to the general and the others was meant to address multiple farm ownership as they already had farms allocated under the chaotic fast-track land reform programme.
“The decision to withdraw the 25-year leases was a cabinet decision and it is irreversible,” Kasukuwere said.
The Zanu PF officials invaded the conservancies as part of what they called ‘wildlife-based land reform’ in 2013, driving out the owners, often with violence.
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