Journalist Grilled Over Baba Jukwa


Harare is pushing for the extradition of South African-exiled Zimbabwean journalist Mxolisi Ncube to face terrorism charges related to the Baba Jukwa espionage case, official sources have told NOW DAILY.
Ncube was questioned for two hours by Zimbabwean authorities on Sunday over allegations he is one of the administrators of the controversial Baba Jukwa whistleblower account on Facebook.
Zimbabwean police are now pushing for the South African government to waive Ncube’s asylum status and extrade him to face sedition charges in Harare.
Ncube handed himself over at the Zimbabwean embassy in Pretoria. He was reportedly put on the line to the chief investigator of the Baba Jukwa case in Harare, assistant commissioner Crispen Makedenge, the head of the police law and order section.
Ncube’s lawyer, Obert Gutu confirmed his client was interviewed by the police but was not incarcerated.
“For the record Mxolisi Ncube has not been arrested. He is merely assisting the relevant law-enforcement authorities with their investigations,” Gutu said.
Last week, Ncube was put on a “most wanted” list over the Baba Jukwa disclosures which rocked Zanu PF. Ncube’s United Kingdom-based publishers at the Zimbabwean newspaper, Wilf and Trish Mbanga are also wanted by the police.
The Baba Jukwa Facebook page garnered 400 000 ‘likes’ in a short space of time by exposing the dark secrets of president Robert Mugabe’s government including alleged political assassinations, diamond corruption and election manipulation.
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