Mugabe’s Mystery Buck Costs Neighbour


The lawyer representing president Robert Mugabe’s convicted neighbour Michael Pazarangu says his client has suffered due to the publicity given to his case.
Pazarangu was on Monday found guilty of negligently allowing his dogs to stray onto Mugabe’s Borrowdale Brooke property where they killed a roebuck.
The police arrested Pazarangu, a businessman, and charged him with the offence.
According to lawyer Don Moyo, an arrangement had been made for the state to withdraw the charges before plea as the offence was minor and also as a sign of good neighbourliness by the Mugabes.
This was, however, changed and a warrant was issued by magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti last week for Pazarangu’s arrest.
The magistrate on Monday sentenced Pazarangu to 30 days in prison with the option of a $50 fine.
Superstitious neighbours are now speculating that this was no ordinary buck that Pazarangu’s dogs killed.
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