Tsvangirai ‘Expulsion’ Is Just ‘Cheap Drama’: MDC


The Movement for Democratic Change has rejected claims by a group of fired party rebels led by former secretary-general Tendai Biti and deputy treasurer Elton Mangoma that they had ‘expelled’ party president Morgan Tsvangirai.
“The so-called expulsion of MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai and national chairman Lovemore Moyo by the rebels is nothing more than cheap drama,” the MDC-T said in a statement issued Monday.
“That the so-called tribunal proceeded to sit even after the High Court ruling that stopped the sham Mandel resolutions shows that the rebels have no respect whatsoever for the rule of law. The charade is the work of lawless lawyers who do not respect the courts just as they do not respect the constitution of the party. Nowhere in the world has a judgement by a tribunal superseded a judgement by a superior and competent court.
“President Tsvangirai and national chairman Moyo remain in their positions unfazed by this cheap drama. It is ironic that the rebels, who masquerade as democrats, would sink so low as to convene a meeting of their so-called tribunal when the High Court had expressly made a ruling on the matter.
“No amount of drama will stop and detract the party leadership from executing its constitutional mandate. The party is preparing for Congress and we are forging ahead with the democratic struggle to bring positive transformation in the lives of the people of Zimbabwe.”


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