Mbanga Wanted Over Baba Jukwa Leaks


United Kingdom-based editor and publisher of The Zimbabwean, Wilfred Mbanga has been placed on a police list of 10 people wanted in connection with the Baba Jukwa espionage scandal, along with his wife Trish.
Also placed on the ZRP wanted list is Mxolisi Ncube, The Zimbabwean’s South Africa bureau chief.
The police statement also listed seven other suspects wanted in the ongoing probe. It claimed the suspects were ‘administrators’ of the whistleblower account. However, it made no reference to Zimbabwe Independent editor Dumisani Muleya, who has been sought by the police since last week for unspecified reasons.
Mbanga’s exact involvement was not mentioned in the statement issued by Charity Charamba. However, sources said the charges related to Mbanga and Ncube’s communications with ‘Baba Jukwa’ over publication of some of his posts in the print version of the London-based paper. The Baba Jukwa posts were published weekly in The Zimbabwean. Baba Jukwa is expected to have been paid for his contributions, forming the basis of the charges.
Another UK site has since pulled a blog published under Baba Jukwa’s name.
The police search for suspects follows the arrest last week of Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi, who is accused by the police of opening and operating the Baba Jukwa account which exposed highly sensitive Zanu PF and government secrets, including political murders, election rigging and corruption.
Kudzayi has denied the charges, urging the authorities to approach Facebook and Google to get information on who was behind the sensational leaks.
(c) NOW DAILY 2014.


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