Biti Rally Flops

Now Daily|
By Jack Dube|

A ‘national conference’ and ‘star rally’ organised by deposed former MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti flopped dismally on Saturday due to poor turnout, Now Daily can confirm.
The rally’s venue had to be changed from the Glamis stadium which accommodates thousands to a small hall at the Harare showgrounds after only 300 people showed up.
Many of the youths present said they were lured to the meeting by promises of $50 each if they attended. A dispute erupted after the meeting when the money failed to materialize.
Others said they were self-appointed spies for Morgan Tsvangirai out to see what Biti and his so-called ‘renewal’ group were up to.
Earlier, the Biti group had announced that the rally would mark the “end of the road for Tsvangirai as Harare turns orange. What used to be a Tsvangirai stronghold is now Renewal”.
According to sources at the meeting, Biti had been expected to announce high-profile defections by disgruntled MDC leaders. Apparently none of those invited showed up. The promised orange T-shirts also failed to materialize.
A gaunt Biti addressed the meeting alongside dethroned former MDC youth president Solomon Madzore.
Many of the participants confirmed that they were not in any formal MDC structures while some were independents.
MDC national executive member Chalton Hwende, who did not attend but apparently had spies in the meeting, described it as a ‘muppet show’.
Biti has, so far, failed to attract any significant support from MDC members, while thousands follow Tsvangirai to every rally.
This failure to get numbers, as well as failing health, has cost Biti vital donor support. Western donors are now considering how to pacify Tsvangirai, who recently exposed some of them as the sponsors of chaos in the MDC.
(c) NOW DAILY 2014.


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