June 27 Murderers Get IMPUNITY


Violence that engulfed Zimbabwe following inconclusive elections in 2008 claimed the lives of a confirmed 280 people, according to the Movement for Democratic Change report, Footprints of Abuse.
The massive nationwide attacks were triggered by president Robert Mugabe’s electoral loss to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on March 29 2008.
Faced with the prospect of an even heavier defeat in a runoff election set for June 27 2008, Mugabe unleashed vicious Zanu PF militia gangs on the opposition. With the help of the Chinese Red Army, which supplied weapons, vehicles, training and
other logistics, Mugabe’s forces turned the entire country into a killing zone overnight.
Army soldiers were deployed countrywide to offer support to Zanu PF militias and direct the violence.
The statistics are appalling:
* 281 murdered;
* 15 105 brutalised;
* 2 300 homes destroyed;
* 500 000 displaced;
* 10 000 domestic animals looted or destroyed;
* 300 schools turned into militia bases;
* 13 434 army, CIO, Zanu PF, ZRP perpetrators involved.

Although a September 15 2008 agreement signed by Mugabe and Tsvangirai was meant to grant immunity to the killers, MDC officials want them prosecuted after Zanu PF brazenly stole the July 31 2013 elections. On these pages in the coming days, NOW DAILY will publish names of the leading military figures involved in the brutal attacks. We shall also be telling and retelling some of the stories of Mugabe’s political murders and mayhem which so shocked the world and forced the despot to agree to a coalition government with Tsvangirai for five years.
Below are some of the murderers and perpetrators in army uniform, who subverted the peoples will.
1. Brigadier General Douglas Nyikayaramba, Operational area: Chikomba.
2. Brigadier General Tarumbwa, Mutare.
3. Brigadier General Chanakira, Mashonaland East.
4. Rtd. Major General Gibson Mashingaidze, Masvingo.
5. Rtd. Major General Engelbert Rugeje, Masvingo.
6. Rtd Major General Rangwani, Masvingo.
7. Brigadier General Gweshe, Kariba.
8. General Bere, Hurungwe.
9. Brigadier Kanhanga, Guruve.
10. Brigadier General S.B. Moyo, Chirumanzu.
11. Brigadier General Sigauke, Chinhoyi.
12. Rtd Brigadier General Rungani, Chikomba.
13. Brigadier General Khumalo, Binga.
14. Brigadier General Shungu, Bindura.
15. Colonel Morgan Mzilikazi, Buhera.
(To be continued).
(c) NOW DAILY 2014.


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