Biti’s Haggard Look Shocks Supporters


A photograph posted on Facebook of deposed MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti looking very thin has been greeted with glee by his foes.
The new photo was posted by Biti’s reported former best friend Chalton Hwende, alongside an earlier one of the former finance minister in healthier times.
In the picture, Biti is looking emaciated and drawn, with wild-looking, haggard eyes popping out behind spectacles which now appear too big for his thin face.
The photograph was headlined, “Saka Gumbura Ndiani?/So, who is comparable to Gumbura?”
Gumbura is a convicted rapist pastor. The Biti camp has for months made jokes comparing Tsvangirai to the jailed former clergyman, who had a string of young wives and girlfriends.
Commentators said Biti was more like Gumbura, although he had claimed the moral high ground by attacking Tsvangirai’s behaviour first.
Revelations have also been made that Biti, a serial divorcee allegedly into his fourth marriage to a much younger woman, had had numerous affairs with girlfriends, including party members who had died of AIDS.
“Biti wangosara musoro chete. Wakanyenga pakaora/Biti is now a heap of bones. He had sex with rotten people,” claimed Douglas Tonhodzayi, commenting on the picture.
“Mabasa enyoro/Thats what happens when you have unprotected sex,” posted Jainy Ncube.
Others claimed Biti had extra-marital affairs with two women who were known to have died of complications associated with AIDS. These included South African provincial youth executive Isabel Makhosi and Harare East women’s assembly district secretary Memory Poto. The claims could not independently be verified while Biti could not be reached for comment.
However, one commenter suggested Biti was on a ‘diet’.
Biti has courted the wrath of senior MDC officials after his plan to topple Tsvangirai as party leader was exposed, leading to his expulsion from the 15 year-old opposition movement, which has presented the most formidable challenge to dictator Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF since independence.
(c) NOW DAILY 2014.


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