Police Help Rapists Escape


Police officers in Zimbabwe have been accused of allowing rapists to avoid prosecution through a mixture of incompetence and outright corruption.
The allegations were made Thursday by gender activist and researcher Elizabeth Nyamuda in the wake of last week’s high-profile launch of the Zimbabwe Anti-Rape Campaign by the government.
“Some police officers in Zimbabwe help rapists evade punishment,” Nyamuda posted on her Kubatana.net blog.
“The Victim Friendly Units at police stations created under the provisions of the (Domestic Violence) Act are ineffective as most of the police officers are untrained to deal with such matters,” Nyamuda said. She said the little training that was provided by NGOs was “much appreated and should be ongoing”. Nyamuda cited the recent case of a man who was derided by police officers after he tried to report abuse at the hands of his wife.
“Having police officers manning VFU laughing at these issues shows the depth of incompetence these officers have in dealing with such issues,” Nyamuda said, adding that corrupt and reckless officers should be “removed from service”.


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