Zanu PF Admits it Failed to Vet ‘Baba Jukwa’ Edmund Kudzayi

Zanu PF has admitted that no background checks were done on detained state media editor Edmund Kudzayi before he was allowed to consult for the party ahead of the 2013 elections.
“At that time, there was so much excitement about the party manifesto and noone bothered about youths like Edmund,” party spokesman Rugare Gumbo told The Zimbabwean.
The Zanu PF spokesman apparently retracted an earlier statement claiming that the incarcerated Sunday Mail editor worked for the party prior to his appointment to state media in April.
“We never employed Edmund,” Gumbo told the London-based newspaper. “Zanu PF did not give him a contract of employment even though he did some work for us in the mobilisation team.
“In fact, I hardly knew that boy. I met him once or twice and, to me, he was just one one of the youths who had come to help the party on a voluntary basis. We have our procedures of recruiting people and none were applied on Kudzayi.”
Kudzayi was at the weekend charged with terrorism, banditry and insurgency, attempting to topple president Robert Mugabe’s government and publishing false statements. He is also accused of operating the popular ‘Baba Jukwa’ account on Facebook, which exposed murders and corruption in Zanu PF.
The U.S.-based Committee to Project Journalists urged the state to drop the charges, saying they were excessive and likely to have a chilling effect on the practice of journalism in the country.


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