Mathuthu Denies He is Prof Moyo’s ‘Gay Lover’

Chronicle editor Mduduzi Mathuthu has dismissed claims that he is carrying on a gay relationship with information minister Jonathan Moyo who recently appointed him amid controversy.
In an opinionated piece entitled, “The Jukwas: a short history”, Mathuthu claimed that the homosexuality charges were part of a campaign to assassinate his character by the faceless Facebook blogger, Baba Jukwa. He also claimed that the army commander, General “Constantine Zvinavashe” (wrong name) was a target of Jukwa’s vitriol, along with several ministers.
“Cdes (Saviour) Kasukuwere and Professor Moyo were gay gangsters, the (Baba Jukwa) column often announced. Professor Moyo, we were told ad infinitum, has some sick homosexual relationship with everyone from myself, (Edmund) Kudzayi, Cde Kasukuwere, (Psychology) Maziwisa and most recently, (Gilbert) Nyambabvu,’s new man in London,” Mathuthu wrote in the Herald on Monday.
Moyo was criticized by president Robert Mugabe and the Zanu PF politburo for appointing Mathuthu and other “enemies” to top posts at Zimpapers.
Moyo has previously been accused of being gay. One of his previous appointees as ZBC CEO, Alum Mpofu strengthened the rumour when he was found having sex with another man outside a nightclub. Mugabe is viciously opposed to gays, and recently said dogs were better than them because the animals could tell male from female.


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