Bona Mugabe ‘Rape’ Story Sinks Mail Editor

By Harry Fisher|
Now Daily|

Edmund Kudzai, the journalist arrested on Thursday and charged with terrorism is being persecuted for publishing a story detailing the reported rape of Bona Mugabe in 2010, NOW DAILY has learnt.
The story was published by African Aristocrat website in the UK, to which Kudzai was linked at the time.
According to the Aristocrat, Bona Mugabe filed rape charges using the name of her bodyguard Tracey Guvamombe. Bona claimed that her wine was spiked with hard drugs during a student party in the upmarket Faber Park area of Singapore, reports said. She was subsequently raped by two men, including the 27 year-old son of a Tanzanian business tycoon, according to the reports.
The rape charges were later withdrawn after a reporter from the Straits Times contacted authorities in Harare seeking comment on the matter.
The alleged rapists denied the charges and claimed they had consensual sex with Bona Mugabe. Grace Mugabe denied charges that her daughter was raped.
The African Aristocrat stood by the rape story and clashed with Straits Times editors after the latter denied knowledge of the Bona rape story, having been the first to call the Zimbabwe prime minister’s office seeking comment.
Knowledgeable sources in Zanu PF said the rape story was at the centre of Kudzai’s troubles. The other allegations were just meant to make him look like a dangerous criminal but were likely to be thrown out by the courts, said an official.
(c) Now Daily 2014.


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