Zuma Admits Corruption

By John Chimunhu|
Cape Town|

The South African government has proposed a raft of new measures to combat corruption in the wake of scandals involving President Jacob Zuma, senior administration officials and members of the ruling ANC party.
Delivering his state of the nation address to the National Assembly (parliament) in Cape Town Tuesday, Zuma outlined some of the radical anti-graft measures being implemented. These include:

* Centralising procurement under the National Treasury;

* Preventing civil servants and public representatives from doing business with the state;

* Strengthened protection of whistleblowers;

* Improved implementation of the so-called Financial Disclosure Framework;

* Provision of technical assistance to departments for the “effective management of discipline”.

“Weaknesses in procurement, management and operations systems will be addressed,” Zuma said. “We have begun piloting this new approach with the centralised procurement of school furniture in the Eastern Cape. The furniture will be delivered in all Eastern Cape schools by the middle of August 2014.”
Opposition leader Julius Malema and social commentators dismissed Zuma’s proposals as ‘unworkable’.
Zuma himself has been implicated in scandals involving defence contracts and procurement of materials for his village mansion at Nkandla. – NOW DAILY.


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