MDC Officials Arrested Over June 16 Protest

Police have confirmed the arrest of two officials of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change after they staged protests in Harare, triggered by frustration over jobs and growing government corruption.
The police claimed the officials organised a rally without their permission, a claim rejected by the MDC.
“The arrest of Harare Province youth assembly executive member, Denford Ngadziore and the heavy police presence did not deter the youths, who marched peacefully from Town House to the Harare Gardens,” an MDC spokesperson said. “Charges against Ngadziore are still unclear. The MDC youths remained unfazed by the blatant attempt by the police to intimidate them. The youths marched quietly with their placards held high and spoke about the need for the Zanu PF government to provide them with jobs as it promised the youth during the election campaign.”
MDC national executive member Chalton Hwende confirmed the arrest of another youth leader.
“Leader Madhuku, our secretary of Harare Province Youth Assembly has been arrested for organising the succesful June 16 March in Harare,” Hwende said.
Police beat up several protesters, according to witnesses.


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