Sex Slavery Cult Members Arrested After Bashing Cops

Six members of a banned apostolic sect engaged in sex slavery have been arrested following clashes Friday which left several riot cops seriously injured.
The clashes happened in Harare’s Budiriro 2 at the shrine of a self-styled cult leader identified only as Madzibaba Ishmael.
Police spokesperson Charity Charamba confirmed the arrests and said the suspects were being held at Budiriro Police Station.
Witnesses said the clashes started after Apostolic Council of Zimbabwe president Johannes Ndanga told sect members their cult was being banned for violating the law. Ndanga said 400 children were being held by the sect and were denied the right to attend school. Women’s rights groups said many of the children were forced into early marriages to sect members.
Ndanga was forced to flee the scene in a vehicle after angry sect members threatened to kill him. The situation degenerated into violence as sect members attacked riot police and journalists with rocks and sticks. ZBC reported that its cameraman, Relax Mafurutu was hospitalized after he suffered fractured arms and severe body injuries during the attack. A ZBC truck and equipment were also smashed. Footage from the scene showed Mafurutu writhing in pain on the ground as sect members dressed in white gowns pummelled him.
None of the women and girls abducted into sex slavery by the sect were rescued as expected.


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