Chihuri Faints Before Mugabe As AIDS Takes Toll

Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri – who survives under a cocktail of heavy AIDS drugs – caused panic Thursday when he collapsed in front of President Robert Mugabe.
Mugabe was attending a parade of hundreds of graduating police officers at Morris Depot in Harare when Chihuri suddenly hit the ground next to him.
“There was shocked disbelief among the officers present because many thought the Commissioner had died,” said a source. “It is well-known that Chihuri suffers occassionally from complications arising from AIDS but noone expected him to fall while standing next to the President. As the top cop, his duty was to protect the President and he failed in that respect as he became sick himself. Chihuri should have retired a long time ago because of poor health but Mugabe has kept him in office because they are related.”
The Herald later claimed Chihuri had apologised to Mugabe for his failure. Collapsing on parade is considered a serious offence in the police and military. Parading is meant to establish the physical condition of officers being reviewed.
Ordinarily, Chihuri would have been kept away from the parade ground after the fall and only allowed to return to his duties after being examined by a police doctor and certified fit.
However, the code was blatantly violated on Thursday and Chihuri was attended to by agriculture minister Douglas Mombeshora, who is a medical doctor and senior Zanu PF official.
Mugabe did not comment on the incident, which kept Chihuri from the parade for more than 30 minutes after he was carried away on a stretcher by police medics.
Chihuri’s term ended in December 2011 but Mugabe extended it until December 2014. Chihuri is Mugabe’s cousin and has seriously abused his office to shield the dictator from charges of abusing his office, election rigging, corruption and violence, including mass murder.


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