Mudede Too Old For Registrar-General

Pressure is mounting on the regime of Robert Mugabe to remove discredited Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede, who is way past retirement age and has been implicated in electoral fraud.
Mudede was born on 22 December 1942, making him 72, which is seven years past the general retirement age of 65 for public workers. It is unclear how his term was extended, but Mugabe has routinely given a lifeline to numerous other over-age Zanu (PF) war veterans to entrench his military-backed misrule.
Officials in Zanu PF told NOW DAILY Tuesday that the party wanted Mudede removed as he was now ‘compromised’ after his role in rigging the 2013 election was exposed. Mudede is now considered a liability as he will be 76 at the next election in 2018. He is also blamed over information leaked from his office showing he had paid millions to Israel’s Nikuv International Projects to steal the vote on behalf of Mugabe and Zanu PF.
In April, the U.S. government of Barack Obama officially black-listed Mudede saying he “oversaw critical elements of Zimbabwe’s flawed July 2013 presidential and parliamentary elections”. The U.S. government, under Executive Order 13469, also accused Mudede of “undermining Zimbabwe’s democratic processes and institutions or facilitating public corruption”.
Official documents obtained by NOW DAILY show that Mudede paid Nikuv $10.6 million for the rigging in 53 transfers made through FBC Bank between 4 February and 30 July 2013. Crucially, Mudede scuttled voter registration and has refused to provide copies of the voters roll used on election day, according to the MDC and independent observers.
The R-G’s Office has been named by polling organisation Afrobarometer as the second most corrupt official agency in Zimbabwe, only surpassed by the police.
Opposition parties have for years called for Mudede’s sacking.


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