Mimosa Mine Workers Abused

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has accused Mimosa Mining Company of violating workers rights by forcing them to work on Labour Day, celebrated globally on May 1.
The mine workers were only allowed to rest on May 25, another national holiday, and were told by management that was enough compensation for working on Labour Day.
ZCTU Mine Workers Union chairman Ndodana Sithole condemned the move to deny workers the freedom to celebrate on May 1.
Sithole said this was a deliberate attempt to divide workers and stop them organising for their rights. He said previously, the company had allowed the workers to commemorate Labour Day but had restricted them to mine premises to prevent union leaders addressing them. Sithole accused Mimosa Mine of trying to keep its workers in the dark about their rights.
On Sunday, Mimosa Mine gathered the workers in an old municipal bar and plied them with alcohol. Traditional addresses from union representatives were banned.


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