Women Forced to Share Hospital Ward with Men

Male and female patients are being forced to live in one small room at Zvishavane District Hospital in a development that has shocked many.
A visit by NOW DAILY to the hospital in the Midlands Province proved that men and women had been forced to live in the same room for more than a year as officials claimed the male ward was undergoing repairs.
There were no partitions in the ward, with men and women being able to chat from the position of their beds, a situation which has riled many.
“I have had to cope with this indignity ever since I was admitted,” said one elderly woman who asked that we do not identify her for fear of reprisals.
“How do you change your clothes in the presence of men? Some of these people are too sick to go to the bathroom and their clothes are just changed in full view of patients of the opposite sex,” the woman said.
A married man whose wife had been admitted said he was shocked to discover that his wife had been placed in the same room with strange men. He called on the Ministry of Health to intervene.
“I am not saying this will happen but I cannot stop thinking that my wife might be raped. There are good reasons why men and women have always lived in separate wards and those reasons have not changed over time,” the man said.
Officials at the hospital declined comment.
The MDC shadow Minister for Health, Ruth Labode condemned Zanu PF government recently for failing to provide enough funds for running health institutions in the country.


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