Mugabe Orders Marange Diamonds Sold in “Murky” Dubai

The Zimbabwean government has directed the country’s diamond miners to return to the murky Dubai market after corrupt officials apparently failed to do their dirty deals at Antwerp, the 500-year-old exchange which is the world’s largest and richest.
Government officials confirmed to NOW DAILY Monday that Zanu PF “thieves” who stole billions of dollars when the country’s controversial Marange gems were sold through Dubai middlemen had insisted that the country redirect its lucrative but poorly-marketed stones.
“You can’t sell diamonds from a handbag in Antwerp, as Zanu PF officials used to do in Dubai. It’s a lie that Dubai prices are better. Only a few officials will benefit from this. Just watch where the money is going to be deposited after this week’s sale. It’s the same private accounts that enabled a certain minister to buy banks,” said a senior official who declined to be identified.
Zimbabwe has only traded twice at Antwerp, realising what Harare officials claimed was a “paltry” $85 million for nearly one billion carats. Auctioneers complained the stones were mostly industrial quality and poorly-polished.
The Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) this week hosts its inaugural Zimbabwe diamond tender, featuring more than 400 000 carats of rough diamonds, the largest single “packet” ever.
The DDE on Monday said more than 105 industry participants had registered as buyers of the tendered goods supplied by mining companies Anjin Investments, Jinan, DTZ, Diamond Mining Company, Marange Resources, Mbada Diamonds and Kusena, on the first day.
“The DDE has been a key supporter of the diamond trade in Africa over the last decade and acts as a facilitator of trade between producing and consuming nations.
“It is incredible to see strong international trading relations flourish into what we are experiencing here at the DDE in Dubai this week. The DDE is full, [with] literally every corner of the exchange being used – from every viewing room to every seat in the trading hall,” DDE chairperson Peter Meeus said, quoted by Mining Weekly.


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