Gono Duped

Powerful forces within Zanu PF have ganged up to prevent discredited former Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono from taking up the Manicaland senatorial post offered him amid much controversy at the party’s congress last December, it emerged.
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, which is tightly controlled by Zanu PF, now claims that Gono can not be sworn in to become Senator for Manicaland because there is no law to validate the appointment.
Gono, once one of the most powerful men in Zimbabwe, fell out with his “friend” President Robert Mugabe after The Times of London reported in 2010 that the then Governor repeatedly had sex with the dictator’s wife, Grace, at hotels in South Africa, Asia and at her farm in Mazowe. Gono was Grace Mugabe’s personal banker, financial adviser and confidante who was quoted by Wikileaks claiming that Mugabe was too old and weak to satisfy his wife sexually.
In December, Gono’s contract expired and Mugabe refused to extend it for another year as provided by the law.
The Manicaland Senate post was then dangled in front of Gono as a way out, with promises that he would soon be appointed Finance Minister to replace the allegedly “clueless” Patrick Chinamasa.
At the weekend, Information Minister shot down widespread claims that Gono was about to be appointed Finance Minister.
“The claim that there is no law to appoint Gono is just nonsense,” said Mark Van Heerden of the Southern Africa Legal Projects Centre. “The truth is that Mugabe and Gono clashed because of the sex scandal involving Mugabe’s wife, Grace. If Mugabe wants something done, it will happen whether or not there is a law to facilitate that. Last year, he made illegal declarations using the Presidential Powers and a national election was held. So, really, the claim that Gono’s appointment hinges on the Electoral Amendment Bill which is still to be passed by Parliament is totally false.”
Gono was appointed to replace Kumbirai Kangai, who died within a month of being appointed on the party list system. The next in line for the appointment, CIO operative Shadreck Chipanga was sidelined to facilitate Gono’s appointment.
However, sources now claim Gono was offered the Senate post to entice him to leave the RBZ and ensure a smooth transition.


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