Great Transfrontier Project Collapses as Animals Flee Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s participation in the mammoth Great Trans-frontier Park now hangs in the balance after nearly all wild animals fled to neighbouring South Africa and Mozambique to escape poachers unleashed by Robert Mugabe’s chaotic so-called wildlife-based land reforms announced just before the 2013 elections, it emerged.
NOW DAILY confirmed that most animals from Zimbabwe’s second largest game park, Gonarezhou, had belted to escape Zanu PF militants who invaded the park under orders from Mugabe to seize the land ahead of elections last year.
MP for Chiredzi South and war veteran Callisto Gwanetsa lamented the development.
“All animals within that sanctuary were from Zimbabwe but it is now Mozambique or South Africa that are benefitting out of the resources of Zimbabwe,” Gwanetsa said in Parliament on Tuesday.
He blasted the Mugabe government for failing to provide basic infrastructure such as roads or telephone networks, a development that had driven away potential tourists and investors.
“The country loses a lot of revenue because of lack of communication. Nothing has been said about marketing of Gonarezhou and therefore the country is losing a lot of revenue,” said Gwanetsa. “When we talk of Gonarezhou, we are talking of the Transfrontier, but from the start of the Great Trasfrontier, on the Mozambican side there were no animals, even on the South African side. Most of the animals were in Zimbabwe.”
He added: “As it stands today, most of the animals are now in Mozambique and South Africa. As you are aware, animals have no boundaries. It is Zimbabwe that was supposed to gain or raise revenue but we are losing revenue. Even if the tourists were to come to that part of the country, they would not want to venture into a place which is incommunicado.”


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