Chidhakwa Hides Marange Diamonds Corruption Report

Minister of Mines and Mining Development Walter Chidhakwa has failed to present a much-awaited report on burgeoning corruption in the army-controlled Marange diamond fields, NOW DAILY can reveal.
Chidhakwa told Parliament under intense questioning from Senators in January that investigations on the state of government diamond joint ventures in the disputed Marange fields had been concluded and a report would be presented to the Senate by the end of that month. The report has not been sighted in Parliament ever since.
Activist group Consumer Action expressed dismay at Chidhakwa’s failure to present the report.
“We are really concerned that after promising to present the Marange diamonds corruption report in Parliament in January, Minister Chidhakwa just totally ignores the issue,” Consumer Action director Kate Matema told NOW DAILY. “The Minister basically lied to Senators, proving that the government has something to hide. We are not surprised by this because lack of transparency and accounatbility is the Zanu PF way of doing things. Edward Chindori-Chininga (former Mines Portfolio Committee chairman) tried to blow the lid on corruption in Marange and what happened to him? He was assassinated!”
The government suspended the entire top management of the wholly state-owned Marange Resources in January, and accused CEO Obert Dube, procurement executive Piri Mukono and others of awarding themselves “outrageous” salaries exceeding $100 000 per month, while also fleecing the firm through theft of choice diamonds and dubious procurement deals.
Chidhakwa also sacked the Zimbabwe Mining Development board, accusing board members of corruption.


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