Biti Grovels to Tsvangirai as Sikhala Rejoins MDC

Former MDC intelligence and defence chief Job Sikhala has rejoined the party led by Morgan Tsvangirai.
Sikhala made the announcement at a press briefing held at the MDC’s Harvest House headquarters Thursday, ending days of speculation after Tsvangirai made a surprise visit to his home last weekend.
“The wait is over,” Sikhala declared.
The return of party founders like Sikhala, and the public invitation issued recently by Tsvangirai to former party adviser Lovemore Madhuku – now leading the NCA Party – has apparently rattled MDC rebels allegedly led by secretary-general Tendai Biti.
Biti on Wednesday held a private meeting with Tsvangirai, in the wake of his damaging utterances last weekend opposing Tsvangirai’s leadership of the party and a decision of the national council to suspend rebel deputy treasurer Elton Mangoma.
Tsvangirai’s aides claimed Biti had apologised for being “used” by Zanu PF to kill his own party, as a condition for him continuing as party secretary. However, MDC members have questioned Biti’s motives and are pushing for his removal.
“Biti expected a groundswell of support against Tsvangirai when he addressed the press attacking the national council decision suspending Mangoma. No-one in leadership came to his side and that left him exposed. Now he is desperate because he realises there are many people in the party who can take his position and only Tsvangirai can save him,” Amelia Johnson of the Institute for Democracy in Johannesburg told NOW DAILY Thursday.
“The return of Sikhala is a major boost for Tsvangirai. Even the Western donors who have been trying to push Tsvangirai and install Biti will now have to go back to the drawing board and devise new strategies. The message is simple. They’ve got their money, but he’s got the people, which is all that matters in politics.”


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