Zindi Kicked Out of Stolen Farm

The Zimbabwe government has shot down attempts by Zanu PF Mutasa South MP Irene Zindi to regain a farm she seized violently from white farmer Heather Guild but lost through a High Court judgement recently.
Lands and Rural Resettlement Minister Douglas Mombeshora said the regime of President Robert Mugabe, which presided over the racially-inspired expulsion of nearly all 6 000 white commercial farmers in Zimbabwe since violent farm seizures began in 2000, would not contest the High Court decision.
“The judgement that was delivered on the 26th of February was in relation to a case which had been taken to the High Court in 2010. What had transpired in short, (I will not go through the ruling as such) but, what had transpired is that there was a person (Irene Zindi) who had been offered that piece of land in 2007 which was in excess of 400 hectares in extent. The late Vice President, Cde. Joseph Msika had looked into the issue where complaints were that, the person who had been offered the piece of land (Zindi) was only utilising less than one hectare,” Mombeshora said.
“The late Vice President had said that the land be withdrawn and be
re-allocated to the former owner. As such, in 2010, a letter of withdrawal
was given to the person (Zindi) who had been given that piece of land, and an offer letter was given to the former owner. So it gave an impression that the High Court had re-allocated the land, but it is not like that. It is the Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement who had re-allocated the piece of land to the former owner (Guild).”
Zindi claims, however, that the High Court decision was wrong.
“The decision that was taken by the High Court was based on false information. I am one victim of that particular farm, which I had to leave because of the sabotage which was being instigated by the white man Lindsey Guild,” Zindi said. “I am one victim of that particular farm which I had to personally withdraw from. It was because of the sabotage which I experienced for a good eight years. It was instigated by the same white man hiding behind his sister by the name Heather Guild. I have piles and piles of information on this.”
High Court Judge Nicholas Mathonsi told Zanu PF supporters given land under the chaotic land reform programme that they should use it or lose it.
Mathonsi said in his seven-page judgement that failure to use land given out under the programme as “scandalous”. Zanu PF militants who seized land but are not using it are furious with the High Court Judge, accusing him of “reversing the gains” of the land seizure programme, which has mostly benefitted Mugabe cronies.


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