Zimbabwe Spy Boss Didymus Mutasa “Dying”

Zanu PF thug and de facto head of Zimbabwe’s dreaded spy agency, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), Didymus Mutasa, has been lying in a sick-bed for months, fuelling speculation that he may be dying.
Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa confirmed that Mutasa was too sick to attend Parliament and answer questions from legislators, a position that has riled MPs. Chinamasa did not say what Mutasa was suffering from.
“(MPs) cannot be responded to because the Honourable Minister (Mutasa) is still
indisposed,” Chinamasa said.
Kambuzuma legislator, Willias Madzimure said it was unfair for the Speaker of Parliament to demand that MPs base their debates on facts when ministers were not answering their questions in the legislature.
“It is my concern that some of the questions that we ask which are pertinent, and which require
us to make some decisions and also use the same information to debate in Parliament, are not sometimes forthcoming to specific Ministers. They have chosen not to respond, giving rise to the fact that people start speculating on some of these issues. That matter must be addressed as a
matter of urgency,” Madzimure said.
Asked by MPs when Mutasa would be back at work, Chinamasa refused to give a date.
“I do not think I can undertake or promise. I can undertake to convey the sentiments to my
colleague when he is recovered,” said Chinamasa.
Mutasa was secretly handed the State Security portfolio by Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe following rigged elections in 2013.
He shot to international notoriety after his agents allegedly petrol-bombed the home of Shepherd Maisiri, his MDC-T parliamentary election rival in Headlands, Manicaland, in the run-up to the disputed elections. The MDC, in government at the time, forced Mugabe to confront Mutasa’s alleged murder during an explosive cabinet meeting.


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