Mugabe Abuses Powers

The Movement for Democratic Change has accused President Robert Mugabe of abusing his powers by continuing to rely on the obsolete Presidential Powers Act.
Senator Lilian Timveos, Shadow Minister and MDC-T Spokesperson for Home Affairs challenged Mugabe to stop abusing his powers immediately or face legal action.
“The Movement for Democratic Change is deeply disturbed by the continuing Zanu PF culture of abusing the Presidential Powers Act, which has now been outlawed by the new Constitution. The latest example of this abuse is Government’s decision to print the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Bill before any public debate has taken place on regulations that were gazetted by the President in January,” Timveos said.
On the 3rd January this year the Government published the Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) (Trafficking in Persons Act) Regulations, 2014, which are intended to give effect to the United Nations Palermo Protocol on ending modern-day slavery. Mugabe did not follow this up by presenting the regulations to Parliament within seven days as required by law.
Timveos said it was a shock to many stakeholders that these regulations were rushed through under the Presidential Powers Act which is no longer constitutional and should be repealed.
“We would have thought that in a country that purports to be democratic, stakeholders and interested parties would be given a few months to lobby government to ensure that the Bill would be an improvement on the gazetted regulations. But in fact such a Bill has already been sent to the printers although it has not yet been published,” said Timveos. “All this urgency is being deliberately created to prevent public debate on human trafficking, which is a growing problem in Zimbabwe, fuelled by Zanu PF policies. We are well aware of attempts by Zanu PF officials to stop debate on human trafficking in Zimbabwe so that they can continue exploiting slave labour on farms they forcibly occupied.”
The MDC called for urgent action by those wanting to lobby to ensure the eventual Trafficking in Persons Act was an improvement on the regulations.
Timveos said the regulations which have been published by Mugabe are so deeply flawed and so divergent from the original Palermo Protocol that they may not be of any meaningful use in ending human trafficking in Zimbabwe.
Legal monitors Veritas confirmed that the Presidential Powers Act had been replaced by the new Constitution and was no longer valid. Justice deputy minister Fortune Chasi confirmed that all aspects of the new Constitution had come into force when it was adopted last year. The Mugabe government has been accused of implementing only those elements of the new Constitution with maximum benefit to its officials and members and claiming falsely that others are invalid because have not come into force because they have not been aligned to the country’s laws.


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