Mangoma Blasted

• I was beaten by CIO for Tsvangirai, Not Mangoma Says MDC Official.
Movement for Democratic Change survivors of Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF violence in the volatile Midlands South Province have castigated party deputy treasurer Elton Mangoma for allegedly playing victim while attempting to remove party leader Morgan Tsvangirai through a virtual coup.
The victims of horrific violence accused Mangoma of falsely portraying MDC as a violent party but failing to highlight their plight at the hands of deadly Zanu PF militias which murdered thousands of party supporters in 2008 before talks that led to a power-sharing government. Mangoma was a senior negotiator during the talks supervised by then South African president Thabo Mbeki but is now accused of negotiating in bad faith in an effort to oust Tsvangirai.
Mangoma has now ordered the arrest of scores of MDC supporters after claiming that they assaulted him. Those arrested include Harare Central MP Murisi Zwizwai and Harare Province secretary for security James Chidhakwa, who have been denied bail. Witnesses said it was improbable that Mangoma could have escaped without serious injury if he had been attacked by up to 30 people as he claims.
Mangoma initially claimed Tsvangirai had ordered him beaten, but did not put that in his statement to the police, leading many to question its veracity.
On Wednesday, Mangoma is reported to have appeared at the party’s Harvest House headquarters for a meeting accompanied by armed bodyguards, much to the chagrin of some party members.
The Midlands victims took turns to exhibit terrible wounds from torture by the pro-Mugabe Central Intelligence Organisation and Zanu PF thugs in the province.
Cleopas Shiri, the MDC Midlands South provincial secretary for local government suffered a broken leg while being tortured by the CIO. He was a senior trade union official in the Zimbabwe Ferro-Alloys Union.
“Do you see me limping like this? This is not the way I used to walk. In 2007 I was abducted by the CIO and they tortured me severely,” Shiri said. “When I was surrounded by the CIO and I was being beaten, I never heard the name Mangoma. It was Tsvangirai they were after. That is the one for whom they wanted to kill me. So, after all this pain, for someone to suddenly tell me that Tsvangirai is not good, that he is the violent one is utter rubbish.”
MDC leaders and members in the Midlands South Province expressed confidence in the continued leadership of Tsvangirai, amid growing calls for the National Council to endorse a decision by all 210 districts to immediately expel recalcitrant Mangoma.
Attending report-back meetings held by Midlands South Chairperson and Midlands Province Senator Lilian Timveos in Shurugwi and Zvishavane at the weekend, party members denounced Mangoma for trying to dislodge Tsvangirai through the back door.
“I want to talk about the ‘love letter’ that was written by Mangoma because that letter has circulated on Facebook, WhatsApp and in the newspapers,” Timveos told a cheering crowd at Chiedza Hall in Zvishavane.
“It is you the people who voted for leaders at Congress. It is unacceptable for one leader to then go and write a letter to another leader telling him or her to leave office without even consulting the people? Mangoma never came to Zvishavane to tell us his plans. If President Tsvangirai was to leave office on the basis of a letter written by an individual, what would the people who voted for him say? That little letter is of no effect. We don’t remove our leader that way.”
Speaker after speaker castigated Mangoma, accusing him of denying them funding for election campaigns and reserving the money for his foiled bid to topple the party President.
“The President called a meeting of all districts because of a letter written by Mangoma,” Timveos told another report-back meeting and victory party for Councillor F. Machaya of Ward 7 (Zimasco) in Shurugwi.
“President Tsvangirai wants to know what you the people have to say about the letter written by Mangoma. This man used to be our Treasurer. I’m saying ‘used to be’ because the people have rejected him. All the districts asked the National Council to endorse his expulsion. Mangoma was our Treasurer and he refused to give us money for elections. We were rigged by Zanu PF, yes, but this man refused to give us money. The districts said Mangoma can keep the money which he has taken. We don’t care.
“He was selected by Save (President Tsvangirai) to negotiate the GNU. He negotiated for himself to go to JOMIC and become the head there, and he started planning to remove Save. That is bad.”
Timveos called on the people to be united against threats from Zanu PF, saying the party had budgeted money to fight the MDC after they failed to run the economy because of corruption.
Said Shiri: “We’ve only been in this struggle for 15 years. Other struggles take much longer. It would be disastrous to change command while under fire. Zanu PF is feeling the heat. There is no peace in their own camp, so they are using people among us to try and disrupt our activities.”


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