Mangoma Out to Destroy MDC

• Mangoma clearly on a warpath
By Itai Dzamara

My very honest assessment is that Elton Mangoma is deliberately staging a drama and perilously clutching at straws to try and escape the embarrassment of having lost the political battle of ousting Morgan Tsvangirai.
Yes, there is the menace of intolerance and violence by pro-Tsvangirai groups – which nobody should condone.
However, I find Mangoma to have degenerated himself to the same level with the hoodlums, and there must be deeper dynamics behind this sudden metamorphosis by Mangoma, into a very radical, talkative and action-packed character.
Whether knowingly or not, each time Mangoma is making public statements, they are brazenly an attack on Tsvangirai, in my view, with a lot of sensationalism.
For example, Mangoma’s version of the weekend violence, where he explicitly accuses Tsvangirai of having ‘set me up’, I am sure are a loud statement of intent, unfortunately for the worse to both Mangoma and the MDC.
Fighting Back
Apparently, he has been omitting the parts that Tsvangirai played as has now emerged, such as that he provided security which whisked Mangoma away in Tsvangirai’s vehicle, to the latter’s home. The same was done for Biti.
I have no doubt that Mangoma, having provoked the political upheaval within their party, is still dictating the pace.
He is the one who could choose to put off the fire or stoke the flames. Mangoma has seen the response from Tsvangirai to his bid and proposal, and also the response from the structures, including the rowdy elements.
I’m sure it has become incumbent upon Mangoma to determine the next phase and subsequently, the future of himself and the MDC.
To that end, I am convinced, Mangoma is on a warpath and playing a game that is neither beneficial to himself nor the party.
Granted, he is enjoying sympathy and praise from the subdued supporters of his agenda within the MDC as well as various interest groups outside it, but, he has long lost the political battle and, in my view, has no capacity to fight back.
That brings the issues to three possibilities, which qualify to be the options Mangoma faces.
First, he could have admitted his plot has flopped and chosen to preserve his dignity and that of the party by climbing down – of course with humiliation and inevitable political fall.
Secondly, Mangoma would have gone back to the drawing board with his colleagues to map a tangible political fight-back strategy. I have always said that I don’t see them having the capacity and am sure they begrudgingly know and admit it.
The last option is what Mangoma is playing now, which is a cocktail of drama, media warfare and a vitriolic cold war. The position seems to be that there is no going back or moving forward, and therefore he is out to cause maximum damage hoping to retrieve something out of the wreckage.
Unfortunately, for Mangoma especially, this simply feeds into the theory and allegation of his mission being about destroying the MDC.
• Dzamara is a journalist and political analyst.


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