State Terror Continues in Marange Diamond Fields

*The Diamond Report
Despite being reprieved by the European Union in 2013 and being allowed to sell diamonds on the prestigious Antwerp Diamond Exchange in Belgium, the regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and their Chinese Red Army partners are using massive brutality to maintain control in the disputed Marange fields. Diamond researchers Centre for Research and Development (CRD) found evidence of planned killings, shootings, torture and vicious dog attacks on local villagers displaced from the fields but not compensated by the government.
CRD has compiled a damning dossier detailing incidences of human rights abuses. We reproduce some of the recorded attacks:
* 23/07/2013 Joseph Murisa 30 years of Gweru and Malvin Malema aged 23 years together with a syndicate of five panners were caught panning in Marange Resources diamond concession around 2.00am.The two tried to escape whilst ferrying about 45 kilograms of diamond ore but were arrested by the national eye security guards who set dogs on them .The two were taken to the guard room where Joseph was made to frog jump the whole night as punishment for illegally entering the diamond fields. Malvern lost a lot of blood due to bleeding from the dog bite wounds on his hands. The two were later on freed.
* 31/07/2013 Collins Kusina ID number 63-124686-W 80 of Waterfalls in Harare was caught by Anjin guards carrying a sack of diamond ore inside Anjin mining company with a syndicate of two people. Collins was arrested and taken to Anjin Base where he was severely assaulted throughout the night. He was released the following morning and dumped at Hot Springs.
* 01/08/2013 Leonard Makazi aged 21 of Gaza in Chipinge was severely assaulted by Anjin guards after he was caught panning for diamonds inside Jese, a mining concession of Anjin diamond mining company. He sustained an eye injury from the beating.
* 03/08/2013 Gainmore Gamunorwa ID number 75-2003551-N 75 of Arda Transau got into Mbada diamonds around 12.00 pm and was shot on the leg by Mossberg gun by an irate Mbada guard. He was whisked to Mutare provincial Hospital where CRD caught up with him. CRD assisted Gainmore to receive financial assistance from Counseling Support Unit (CSU) was operated to remove bullets from his leg. Many panners who were shot in Marange in the past years are living with Mossberg bullets in their bodies because they cannot afford medical treatment.
* 10/08/2013 Forty armed soldiers and police officers on horseback pounced at Nenhohwe, Nyanyadzi and Hot Springs business centres looking for illegal panners.Business grounded to a halt as people ran for dear life. Villagers found without IDs were harassed and made to frog jump repeatedly before they were eventually released.
* 16/08/2013 Blessing Dhliwayo aged 22 years was bitten by a dog on his hands at the hands of Anjin security guards as punishment for entering into Anjin diamond mining company to pan for diamonds together with a syndicate of 5 panners at 11.00 pm. He was later on released and treated at Nyanyadzi clinic.
* Peter Mauya aged 28 years from Nyanga and Avoid Moyana aged 27 years from Gaza in Chipinge were caught at “six corner” a mining concession of Marange Resources with a syndicate of eight diamond panners. The rest of the panners fled in different directions but Peter and Avoid were cornered by Anjin guards who had vicious dogs accompanying them. Peter sustained dog bite injuries after a dog was set on him and Moyana was severely assaulted with a log on the head and he sustained serious head injuries.
* 30/08/2013 Samson Chamunorwa aged 27years of Muzokomba in Buhera was caught with a syndicate of 3 panners at Chirasika a mining concession for Anjin. He was bitten by dogs on the orders of Anjin guards and he sustained dog bites injuries on his hands.
*03/09/2013 Luke Sigauke aged 47 years of Chipinge was caught at Chirasika mining concession of Anjin around 7.00pm and was thoroughly beaten by Anjin guards. One guard let a dog on Luke and he was bitten on his hand whilst in captivity.
* Tawanda Shongwi Tauza aged 33 years of Rusitu in Chimanimani ID number 44-096758H 44 was caught by Anjin guards with a syndicate of 4 panners at Chirasika, Anjin mining concession around 10.00pm.He was arrested and taken to Anjin mining company where he received 30 strokes on his feet. He was driven to Hot Springs by the company’s chief security officer Mr Ndlovu and dumped there in great pain.
* 09/09/13 Joseph Jacob aged 34 years of Dangamvura in Mutare 1D number 24-141825-N24 was caught at Chirasika Anjin mining concession and sustained minor dog bite wounds on his leg when a dog was let on him by Anjin guards.
* 09/09/13 Evian Tinago aged 47 years ID number 77-034821-A77 of Glen View in Harare was caught at Jese mining concession panning for diamonds and sustained dog bite wounds all over his hands. He received treatment at the diamond base.
* 09/09/2013 Hardlife Chirayeraye aged 24 years of Chipinge ID number 13-217284-M13 was raided by National Security guards of Marange Resources together with his colleagues. Hardlife and his friend Gibson Mwerahari were assaulted for being found in a restricted area of Chiadzwa. Gibson sustained serious dog bites injuries after a dog was let on him.
13/09/2013 CRD tracked Given Ngaruvhime aged 24 ID number 44-090383-D44 of Arda Transau who was shot at Marange Resources on 19 July 2013 around 3.00am when he was found with a syndicate of 12 panners loading tailings(waste material from diamond concentrate) into sacks with the hope of picking diamonds from these tailings. Information that Marange Resources was using old machinery and not recovering 100% of diamonds from diamond concentrate has been attracting hundreds of panners to pan in their tailings. The bullets lodged in his arm could have severed some of his nerves leading to paralysis of his hands. Given was living with 8 bullets in his arm because he could not raise money to undergo medical operation since he was unemployed and his parents had died a few years ago. Given had been having sleepless nights because of pain from these bullets imbedded in his arm for the past two months. Given was successfully operated on in September 2013 with the financial support from CSU victims fund. Given had Mossberg bullets all over his left hand Incapacitating his hand.
*16/09/2013 Villagers take law into their own hands as illegal panner is murdered in Chiadzwa. Munyaradzi Jaramombe of Nyashanu Mission in Buhera was murdered by villagers after stealing a chicken from Muedzengwa village. Having gone for weeks without food several panners are resorting to stealing from villagers and mining companies. In this instance, Munyaradzi and his syndicate of three panners raided Shupikai Muedzengwa’s homestead and stole a chicken and vegetables. Youth from the village led by Daniel Myedzengwa, Adam Mutuwadziya and Shupikai Muyedzengwa raided the panners’ base and attacked them with machetes and stones resulting in the death of Munyaradzi. Theattackers were taken to Bambazonke police station and later on released. This incident highlights the magnitude of poverty in communities living in resource rich areas of Marange.
* 24/09/2013 Diamond panners way lay Anjin driver. A mob of diamond panners ambushed and attacked a 32 year old Biggy Ziyachacha a security officer of Anjin diamond mining company at 9.00pm whilst he was escorting dumpers that were ferrying diamond ore from Jese to the main plant at Anjin. Biggy, who was riding a motor bike fell and sustained injuries on his right hand. He also lost his cell phone in the scuffle. In their desperate attempts to find diamonds illegal panners on several occasions ambush dumpers transporting diamond ore from mining fields to the processing plant.
* 28/09/2013 Quedisani Gudyanga, 22 years old, of Nyanyadzi was caught panning for diamonds at Anjin mining concession of Chirasika around 9.00 am .Together with a syndicate of four panners Quedisani made efforts to flee from the scene when spotted by Anjin guards but was caught and heavily assaulted. The guards also let dogs on him and he was bitten several times on his left hand and released then around 12 midnight bleeding profusely. He managed to receive medical treatment at Birchenough Bridge hospital.
* 30/09/13 Bismark aged 30 of Buhera was beaten under the feet by National Eye Security company guards of Marange Resources after he was caught in Marange Resources diamond mining concesion carrying a sack full of diamond ore around 12 midnight.
* 01/10/13 Edmore Sithole aged 32 ID number 13-145132A-13 of Chipinge was caught in a syndicate a of six panners in Chiadzwa by National Security guards of Marange Resources who were armed with rifles and dogs. Edmore and his group were assaulted and had dogs let on them. Edmore sustained dog bite injuries on his arm and had to find his way to Birchenouch Bridge to seek medical treatment.
* 07/10/13 Jacob Chibvuma aged 19 years of Nyanyadzi together with three panners were caught digging for diamonds around 12 midnight at Chirasika Anjin mining concession were severely beaten and had dogs. Jacob sutained dog bite injuries and complain of sharp back pain due to the beating that he endured at the hands of Anjin guards.
* 10/10/13 Khama Mugebe aged 35 years of Nyanyadzi and four other panners were cornered by armed guards of Anjin diamond mining at Chirasika Anjin mining area panning for diamonds. Khama fell into a deep hole and sustained serious injuries to his left leg. Khama has been in and out of hospital but his leg keeps on swelling with severe pain. There are fears of disability for Khama as leg keep on swelling.
* 22/10/13 Calvin Mandizvidza aged 25 years from Murambinda and Malvin Maleni aged 23 years from Chipinge together with other six panners were caught digging for diamonds in a disused tunnel by National Security guards of Marange Resources. The guards who were armed with guns and vicious dogs threw teargas canisters into the tunnel and caught the panners as they tried to come out of the tunnel. One guard hit Malvern with a barrel of a gun on his left eye critically injuring him. Calvin Managed to escape with minor injuries but Malvern was arrested and spend the night tied to a pole whilst bleeding. He was later released around 6am and assisted by villagers to Nyanyadzi to seek medical attention. Malvern complains of severe headaches and a blurred vision ever since the attack.
* 22/10/13 Challington Mangena aged 24 years of Mutanga close in Masvingo was caught digging for diamonds at “6 corner “mining area under Marange Resources by 6 National Eye Security guards. The guards released dogs on the panners as they tried to flee.Challington was bitten twice on his right hand and he received treatment at Nyanyadzi clinic.
* 23/10/13 Tatenda Chatanga aged 22 years from Chipinge was assaulted by Anjin guards when he was caught digging for diamonds at Chirasika Anjin mining concesion.Tatenda was forced to abandon about 30kgs of diamond ore as vicious dogs were let on him. The guards caught up with him and assaulted him and he fell on the ground and lost consciousness. Tatenda was taken to Nyanyadzi clinic where he received treatment for dog bites and assault injuries.
* 28/10/2013 Lovemore Mpofu aged 24 years ID number 58-233819 C58 of Kwekwe was waylaid in Marange Resources by 20 guards of National Eye guards around 9.00 pm digging for diamonds with a syndicate of 3 panners.Lovemore was assaulted and sustained deep cut wounds to his head. He was sewn 5 stitches at a local clinic and released complaining of severe backbone pain.
* 30/10/2013 Clemence Mwendera aged 23 years ID number 13-256649 A44 from Chipinge was caught by a reaction of 15 armed Anjin guards digging for diamonds at Chirasika mining area. One retired army officer named Colonel Mukango is alleged to have ordered the guards to release dogs on these defenseless panners.Most panners sustained serious dog bite injuries according to Clemence.Clemence was taken to Birchenough Bridge hospital to receive treatment for dog bite injuries.
*01/11/13 Panashe Makombe aged 15 years from Hwedza with a syndicate of 5 panners were caught digging for diamonds at Chirasika by Anjin guards around 9.00 am. He sustained injuries on his left hand as he tried to prevent an irate guard who wanted to strike him with a sharp object on his head. He was withheld in captivity by Anjin guards and set free the next day.
* O3/11/13 Canaan Mutakura aged 26 years ID number 44-089073 E44 of Nyanyadzi in a syndicate of 3 panners were tear gased by security guards whilst digging for diamonds in a tunnel at Marange Resources mining concession. Canaan was immediately arrested but as the guards went on to search for other panners one dog turned on Canaan and grabbed him by the throat. He was taken to diamond base bleeding profusely and was sewn 7 stitches under his jaw.He was dumped at hot springs but was again re arrested and taken to Mutambara hospital for further treatment.
* Joseph Nyazvigo aged 24 years ID number 48-134575 P48 of Mudzi with a syndicate of 6 panners were caught in Marange Resources mining concession digging for diamonds. 10 security guards accompanied by 4 dogs made a circle around the panners and let dogs on them. Joseph courageously fought one vicious dog and all his clothes were torn apart by the dog whilst the guards watched from a distance. Joseph was eventually arrested and briefly detained by the guards before being released around 12.00 midnight. He sustained hand injuries defending his life from a vicious dog. Joseph cannot stretch his hand due to acute pain.
* 10/11/13 Farai Chipise aged 20 years of Mugomo village in Marange was found by Anjin guards at Chirasika digging for diamonds around 7.00pm with a syndicate of 4 panners. The guards let dogs on the panners and Farai was bitten on his left hand. He was then arrested and detained at Anjin guardroom where the guards took turns to assault him.He was driven by Anjin Chief Security officer and dumped at Hot Springs road block.Farai was treated at Nyanyadzi clinic and then referred to Birchenough Bridge hospital for further treatment.
* 14/11/13 Tawanda Dumbarimwe aged 23 years ID number 75-963366 C-75 of Chibuwe Village under Chief Mutambara went into Chirasika, Anjin mining area to dig for diamonds with a syndicate of 6 panners around 9.00pm. They entered a tunnel and started digging but were soon confronted with 6 Anjin guards accompanied by dogs. The guards threw tear gas carnsters into the tunnel and the panners came out running. One guard threw a sharp object on Tawanda and hit him on the back of his head and he collapsed to the ground. He lost consciousness for several hours and he was eventually driven by company officials and dumped at Hot Springs.Tawanda was helped with transport to Nyanyadzi Hospital by soldiers manning the roadblock at Hot Springs.
* 30/11/2013 Lee Matabuka aged 21 years of Chipinge and a syndicate of 5 panners was tear gassed by National Eye Security guards in a tunnel at Marange Resources whilst digging for diamonds. The guards also threw stones in the tunnel causing head injuries to Lee who was trapped at the bottom of the tunnel. He was taken to the diamond base where he received minor treatment.
* 03/12/13 Trymore Nechipote ID number 75-2029437 A 75 of Rusitu in Chimanimani was in a syndicate of 4 panners when they entered into an Anjin mining concession of Jese at 12.00 midnight to dig for diamonds. Upon entering the tunnel, 7 Anjin guards armed with rifles and dogs and fronted by a Chinese security officer descended on the tunnel and threw tear gas into the tunnel. Tear gas effects forced the panners to stream out of the tunnel to be confronted by vicious dogs. Two dogs pounced on Trymore and brought him to the ground. He was seriously bitten on his mouth and buttocks and started bleeding profusely. Out of fear of being asked to account for this brutality, the guards drove Trymore to Anjin and bandaged his wounds before dumping him close to the road block at Hot Springs without alerting the police. Trymore was assisted with transport to Birchenough Bridge hospital by the police at Hot Spring roadblock .CRD is reliably informed that Trymore lost some of his teeth because of the severity of injuries and he is still nursing wounds at his rural home in Chimanimani.
* 05/12/13 Washington Ndlovu aged 27 years of Mount Selinda in Chipinge was found digging for diamonds at Marange Resources mining area by about 14 guards of National Eye Security company who had dogs with them.One guard released a dog on him and he was bitten on his hand as he fought for his life.He was later arrested and assaulted with a baton stick all over his back. He was released around 12.00pm.
* 07/12/13 Lizzy Matake aged 26 years of Mhandarume in Chimanimani working with a syndicate of 10 panners was caught at Chirasika waiting to collect diamond ore from his male colleagues who were digging in the tunnel. The guards who had 4 dogs with them threw tear gas canisters in the tunnel and panners came out running in different directions with dogs following in hot pursuit.Lizzy was bitten by a dog in the scuffle and arrested with two other panners .She was later on released and dumped at Hot Springs road block. She received medical attention at Mutambara Hospital
* 20/12/13 Elijah Mutsadyanga aged 45 years ID number 44-046121-44 of Nyanyadzi with a syndicate of 4 panners were caught panning diamonds in Chirasika by Anjin guards.The guards let dogs on the panners and Elijah was bitten on his arm.He was detained at Anjin for several hours and eventually released.He walked all the way to Nyanyadzi for treatment.
* 25/12/13 Professor Sigauke ID number 04-848316 Z 04 of Mashoko in Masvingo together with Tawanda Mudzengerere from Juru in Goromonzi in a syndicate of 5 panners were invited by some Anjin guards to come and pan at Chirasika around 9.00pm on Christmas day.However their luck ran out when a reaction of other Anjin guards with vicious dogs pounced on the panners and arrested the two.They were taken to the guardroom and severely assaulted before being dumped at Hot Springs around 12.00pm in serious pain.
* 03/01/14 Alex Sithole of Epworth in Harare and Pheneas Mlambo of South downs in Chipinge were caught panning for diamonds in Chirasika by Anjin guards with 5 vicious dogs. The guards let dogs on the two and they were bitten on their feet sustaining serious injuries. Company officials drove them to Odzi River and dumped them there. The two later received medical attention at Birchenough Bridge Hospital before departing for their respective homes. – Now Daily.


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