“Sex Romp Judge” Hungwe Was Framed

• Who told the Herald Judge Hungwe was having sex with Gladys Mangwiro when she allegedly had the seizures?
By Harry Fisher
If it is not a set-up, how come the Herald had all the details of Judge Charles Hungwe’s predicament in such perfect order? That rag is not known for getting anything right, judging by the millions they pay every week in out-of-court settlements to defamed parties, including the MDC.
Thanks to the appointment of heavily opinionated Zanu PF militants as reporters and editors, experienced readers can now get through the whole paper in three minutes or less. There’s just nothing to read!
But here was a story that I thought I could read and pass on to the next person, something one rarely does these days, considering the embarrassing amount of drivel in that paper. Then, reading the story as an editor, I encountered my first query and one that would have led me to strike down the thriller if I was a subeditor at Zimpapers. Who told the reporter the judge was having sex with Mangwiro when she developed the reported health problems?
The “Hearald” said: “Police sources said on Tuesday night the judge was being intimate with Mangwiro when he later discovered she was not feeling well.”
The story says there were two people in the house, the judge and Mangwiro. Could the judge himself have given the police that irrelevant detail? To what end?
That amount of imagination might work at a mountain gathering of VaPositori worshippers in Marange, but should never find a place in a supposedly modern newsroom like the Herald’s, where simple, boring journalistic standards are required.
But no, the Herald had to get its sex story through, otherwise the conspiracy would not easily move to the next stage, which is now unfolding, to have the judge leave office because he appears disgraced. They had to get a laugh out of the judge’s predicament and someone thought the best way to do that was to talk about sex. In a way they managed to embarrass the judge. The talk in bars and on social networks shifted from sympathy for a high-ranking official who had lost his second wife to a sex-craved pervert whose bedroom requirements killed a woman.
We began to have online headlines like “Asthmatic grandmother dies after rigorous sex with judge” – biglawnewsonline.com.
The other glaring failure of the Herald, which does not seem to be accidental at all, is the conclusion, before an autopsy was carried out that Gladys Mangwiro died of asthma. The reason for such a conclusion, we were told by the paper, was that an inhaler was found next to the body. This is not only poor journalism, but warped logic. If a dead body was found on the street and a car happened to be passing nearby, would it be logical to conclude that the person died after being knocked down by that particular car? Of course not! We would need an autopsy to have conclusive evidence.
Which brings us to the next point, that the family demanded that no autopsy be performed. And yet we were told in the same reportage that a huge amount of money had disappeared from Mangwiro’s house. Is that not a motive for murder? I thought that apart from being grilled about the immortality of Robert Mugabe, our junior cops were taught the basics of a murder investigation, starting with the subject of motives. Money is at the top of the list for people killing other people. So why did the constables allow this reported son of Mangwiro to deny them an opportunity to know the exact reason for the demise of this rich businesswoman. Logic would dictate that this son be turned into a suspect for his behavior. Is he not the most likely beneficiary of his mother’s estate, the one with the greatest motive for killing her?
I am not accusing anyone of having done anything, but the glaring omissions in the investigation of Mangwiro’s death and the coverage of it leaves us all with more questions than answers. It cannot be possible in a normal society for anyone to refuse to have a post-mortem for dead relatives. It would lead many to get away with murder of those close to them. It would corrupt government death records.
It is only logical to conclude there is a conspiracy and the Herald was a part of it. It will be remembered that Judge Hungwe is that man who was vilified by information minister Jonathan Moyo after he performed the perfectly legal act of ordering the release in 2013 of MDC lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa. Now the Herald has overdone it and everyone is questioning their motives.
As commentator Precious Shulmba remarked on Facebook,“Who is feeding the Herald this hatred toward High Court judge Justice Hungwe?”
Indeed, we all want to know.


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