“Mugabe Is Dying”

*Mugabe’s Poor Health Shocks Tsvangirai

Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai has expressed fears that president Robert Mugabe may be dying.

The MDC president and former prime minister said he would “not comment on suggestions that the Robert Mugabe we saw in that video, falling over the sofa, is in fact a dead but ‘thawed’ Robert Mugabe, pulled out of the fridge and brought along precisely for the photo op”.

This follows the release on Sunday of the first official video of the ailing dictator in over a month, showing a clearly disoriented Mugabe sitting in an awkward position and almost tipping over a sofa in the presence of his wife Grace.

“The Office of the MDC President has seen a video showing a very frail looking Robert Mugabe, with his family, at what appears to a wake for his sister. While this office extends its condolences to Mugabe and his family at this time, as per our tradition, it does seem odd that in an effort to address the question of whether the President is dead (or alive), Zanu PF has decided to exploit his sister’s funeral to show Mugabe barely able to sit down on an otherwise very comfortable sofa, the intention being to suggest that this discomfort was because of the death of his sister and not his debilitating illness,” Tsvangirai said in a statement.

“The Robert Mugabe we saw on that clip is clearly not dead, but he is clearly not well, and could very well be dying,” said Tsvangirai, who met Mugabe every week while in a four-year coalition government with the nearly 90-year-old despot. “They can try and sugar-coat it whichever way they want, but then again denial is very early on the five stages of grief.”

Mugabe’s last sibling, sister Bridget Chenhamo died in Harare on Sunday after being on life support for three years following a stroke during the funeral of his other sister Sabina.


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