Pastor’s Followers Clash Over Sex Revelations

By Harry Fisher|
Supporters of disgraced Harare pastor-cum-Zanu PF politician Robert Gumbura clashed openly on ZBC Radio Zimbabwe recently after some started exposing church secrets about liaisons between pastors at RMG Endtime Message church and women followers.
A man whose wife was allegedly forced into sex with Gumbura was told by other pastors to “rejoice” as his wife had been “blessed by God” through the rape, a witness told listeners.
A woman who declined Gumbura’s advances was told to submit herself like Bathsheba in the Biblical story about David, who had sex with the wife of one of his soldiers, said another witness.
Other cases involved young unmarried women who were used for sex by Gumbura and then forced to marry designated church members. Some of the women were forced to have unsafe illegal abortions after they fell pregnant from the sexual romps, the witnesses said.
Gumbura threatened to “hand to the devil” anyone who rejected his sexual advances or reported to the police, former church members and prosecutors said.
This week, police raided Gumbura’s suburban Marlborough home and arrested eight women aged 27 to 35, who were pictured naked in pictures and videos, some involving the jailed clergyman.
Gumbura’s trial on multiple rape counts was expected to start on Monday December 9.


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