Mugabe’s Mossad Ties Exposed

By Peter Bolder|
London – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe bought superspy computer software from the Israeli secret intelligence agency Mossad to monitor political opponents back home, it has been revealed.
The disclosures were made by convicted money launderer Giovanni Di Stefano, who facilitated Mugabe’s transactions and helped him to evade Western sanctions, in the book The Price of Power.
Di Stefano, who co-authored with Tiina Paivarinta, says Mugabe was sold the Promis (Prosecutor Management Information System) superspy computer software by Robert Maxwell, the Czech-born British publishing mogul who was allegedly murdered by Mossad assassins after his links with the agency were exposed.
Maxwell was selected to sell the software, which tracks intelligence information, because he was considered a “trusted outsider”, said Di Stefano.
“His first client was Robert Mugabe,” Di Stefano wrote. “Maxwell told him Promis was better than anything on the market. He assured Mugabe it would enable him to track down any plotters among the remaining white tobacco farmers in the country.”
What Mugabe did not know, according to Di Stefano was that Mossad had put a so-called “trapdoor” in the system, a microchip to give Israel information about Mugabe and Zanu PF.
The disgraced fraudster who served “indefensible clients” like Mugabe, Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein squandered millions on an expensive lifestyle before he was jailed in the UK in April.
The disclosures were made during the ‘confiscation hearings’ of Di Stefano in a British court on Tuesday.
Investigators said Di Stefano had blown £3.4 million from ‘clients’ he duped when he posed as a lawyer between 2004 and 2012.
Claiming he no longer had money to repay complainants, Di Stefano bragged in court about his ties to Mugabe. Di Stefano said he counts “Mugabe as a friend who listens to some of the advice I offer”.


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