Minister Implicated in Corrupt Stand Sales

Local government minister Ignatius Chombo is “busy” cooking up papers to ‘regularize’ nearly 2 000 stands that were sold illegally by a Zanu PF councillor in Chitungwiza,
NCA party leader Job Sikhala has charged.
The minister benefitted from the deal, Sikhala says, which was being fronted by “Ignatius Chombo’s right-hand man in terms of land theft called Fredrick Mabamba, a Zanu PF councillor for some ward in Unit O.
“Chombo, with his so-called Demolition Committee, is busy trying to regularize Mabamba’s 1 637 illegal houses. It is those who did not come through the Mabamba-Chombo scam who are targetted”.
Sikhala, a former MP for St Marys in the dormitory town blasted Chombo and Zanu PF for claiming that Robert Mugabe’s regime was unaware of the developments, and for trying to link Cabs Bank and the Bill Gates Foundation to the scandal.
“Those stands were openly sold by auctineers who camped daily under the trees near the entrance to the Chitungwiza Municipal Headquarters,” Sikhala said.
He said the Bill Gates Foundation, which built houses in Harare, had not been involved in Chitungwiza.


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