Mupazviriho’s Diamond Appointment Nullified

By Peter Bolder|
The recent appointment of former mines ministry permanent secretary Prince Mupazviriho to the prestigious Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) board is being reviewed after president Robert Mugabe switched him to a new ministry amid corruption allegations, Now Daily has learnt.
Mupazviriho was appointed to the DDE in September when he ran the mines ministry.
Trouble started after president Robert Mugabe removed him from his post soon afterwards, shortly after sacking then mines minister Obert Mpofu. Mugabe publicly accused Mupazviriho’s subordinate Goodwills Masimirembwa, chairman of Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, of bribery and ordered the new minister, his cousin Walter Chidhakwa to investigate.
The DDE spokesperson Henriette Svensen did not respond to Now Daily enquiries. However, the exchange has since removed from its website the statement announcing Mupazviriho’s appointment.
Sources in Dubai said the exchange had been unsettled by reports that $2 billion in diamond revenue had vanished under Mupazviriho’s watch.
The DDE is one of the three most active diamond exchanges in the world, with trades amounting to $39 billion in 2011.


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