Mugabe Nearly Tore Up Unity Accord After 2008 Loss

Robert Mugabe wanted to discard a unity pact with Zapu after the “humiliating” election defeat of 2008, his spokesman, George Charamba, said.
Writing under the pen name Nathaniel Manheru, Charamba said Mugabe had been bombarded with poor advice on how to deal with the loss to the the MDCs. He revealed that some war veterans wanted to take to the bush to fight while others wanted a split with former Zapu members blamed for Mugabe’s massive loss in Matabeleland. Former Zapu stalwart Dumiso Dabengwa had joined Simba Makoni to oppose Zanu PF.
“The Unity Accord could have been smashed to smithereens had President Mugabe taken this cost-free advice,” Charamba said, adding that Zanu PF would have been “reduced to rubble”.
In a rare admission, Charamba said Mugabe, used to one man rule for decades, had endured humiliation through the five year duration of the inclusive government.
“At one time he confided in all of us, confessing that the humiliation and impudence he had to put up with at the hands of the two MDCs was just intolerable,” Charamba said. “In more permissive society, he would also tell you the anguish and loneliness of March 2008 when the negative result came.”


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