Shabanie Mine Workers Evicted

By Jack Dube|
Workers at the government-controlled SMM Holdings’ Shabanie Mine, have vowed to resist orders for them to vacate company houses following the closure of the asbestos mine.
Shabanie Mine Ex-Workers Union chairman Hilton Phiri said the miners would not leave the houses until they were paid several years’ salaries they were owed.
Phiri said the company had served 20 of 80 eviction notices sighted by his union. Sources said the notices were issued against mostly senior staff with suburban houses. SMM is now renting out some of the houses, while others have been seized by state security agents and Zanu PF militants illegally mining gold nearby.
The company has already evicted workers at Mashava Mine, where many of its houses have been turned over to Great Zimbabwe University and other tenants.
SMM Holdings is run by the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation after government seized it, claiming its owner, Mutumwa Mawere was not paying debts. However, liquidation experts have criticized the move as political as debts owed workers and other creditors were not considered.


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