Mediagate: Zanu PF Takes Over Daily News

Now Daily Investigation|
Zimbabwe’s once-formidable ‘independent’ newspaper, the Daily News has been taken over by Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF, Now Daily can exclusively reveal.
On Wednesday, Mugabe’s propaganda chief Jonathan Moyo, toured the paper which he closed down in 2003, and even praised it.
In the past, Mugabe’s henchmen tried to force the paper to close by bombing its printing press, assassinating its editors, seizing equipment, arresting staff and denying them a licence, the authorities have apparently changed tack.
Zanu PF has now ensured the paper is run by people it controls through Mugabe’s vast network of spies. Among them is Stanley Gama, the paper’s editor, who was appointed mysteriously after serving as a sports reporter at the Sunday Mail, where reporters are only employed after being vetted by the Central Intelligence Organisation for loyalty to Mugabe.
Gama’s appointment as Daily News’ deputy editor a few years ago prompted the resignation of the paper’s editor, John Gambanga. Gambanga told a Now Daily source he could not work with Gama because he suspected he was a CIO mole.
Now Daily’s investigations have now shown that apart from Gama, many other state spies have been planted in strategic positions throughout the media.


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