Scandal: Tsvangirai Gets Farm From Mugabe to Silence Dispossessed Whites

By Harry Fisher|
London – MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been bribed by Robert Mugabe with a commercial farm seized forcibly from a white farmer in the lush Mazowe Valley, Now Daily can reveal.
The farm offer near properties looted violently by Mugabe’s family is the real reason Tsvangirai is on an apparent crusade to expel white farmers from the MDC, party insiders revealed.
Tsvangirai has ordered the suspension of former Marondera Central MP Ian Kay, while treasurer-general Roy Bennett is being sidelined, after both called for his removal as party president.
Kay reportedly called Tsvangirai a “rusty bolt” after he was thrashed by Mugabe three times at elections.
The farm from Mugabe is the reason Tsvangirai suddenly stopped pushing for the appointment of Roy Bennett as deputy agriculture minister during the GNU. It is the reason Tsvangirai suddenly abandoned the cause of the farmers for compensation and it is the reason he turned a blind eye to fresh farm invasions that occurred while he was prime minister.
Some fear it is the reason why former MDC-T deputy agriculture minister Seiso Moyo died, after telling colleagues that their boss had turned.


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