Israel Walks Out on Rouhani at UN

By Philippa Robins|
New York – Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has confirmed he ordered the country’s delegation at the United Nations to boycott new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani’s maiden general assembly speech on Tuesday.
“PM Netanyahu has instructed Israeli delegation to UN to act as they did last year and not be present during the Iranian president’s remarks,” said a statement posted on Netanyahu’s Likud Party-run Twitter account.
He added: “Despite the charm offensive by the new Iranian president, the policies of the regime toward Israel have not changed.”
“Just last week, Hassan Rouhani like Ahmadinejad before him, refused to recognise the Holocaust as an historical fact,” another post said.
An Israeli spokesperson accused Rouhani of playing a “game of deception”, making empty diplomatic overtures in New York while buying time to build a nuclear bomb to pulverize the Jewish homeland.
Rouhani said Iran had a “right” to enrich uranium to pursue a peaceful nuclear programme. He also stung the U.S., which was expecting a softer stance, accusing it of imposing sanctions that punished “innocent people”.


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