Fadzi Chitakunye’s “Smiling Smiley Bear Comes to Pray” Simply Brilliant

Book Review|
Philippa Robins|
Fadzi Chitakunye’s recently published “Smiling Smiley Bear Comes to Pray” is a brilliant children’s book in which a lot happens.
Aimed at the 5+ age group, the 32-page book includes just about everything that children of that age enjoy: colouring, wordplay, memory verses, and an epic, original bear story, all blended with famous Bible stories.
Chitakunye has struck on a gem of a topic. At a time when books face stiff competition from TV and games, she seems to have found the winning formula. “Smiling Smiley Bear Comes to Pray” is so action packed that it could rival the other activities in terms of information and entertainment value. The often humourous illustrations by the US-based artist Christina Lindley add to the excitement of the book.
“Smiling Smiley Bear Comes to Pray” is ideal for the Sunday school as well as formal learning and casual reading. The book is published in English, alongside a handy Shona translation by the United Kingdom-based Chitakunye. This is considered ideal for the Shona child learning English and vice versa.
“Smiling Smiley Bear Comes to Pray” is the story of Tim, a young and devout Christian boy who lives near a mountain. He meets and befriends a bear cub, which he renames Smiling Smiley Bear because of its jovial nature. Together, the pair engage in various Christian activities and delve into famous Bible stories. The two adventurers are seemingly transported into Biblical times where they marvel at great milestones like the Creation, Noah’s Ark and Joseph’s Amazing Coat with contemporary eyes.
Because the literature’s main source is the Bible, that makes it easy for parents, teachers and mentors to research story references and improve understanding.
“Smiling Smiley Bear Comes to Pray and Children’s Activities Based on Christian Values”
A children’s book.
Fadzi Chitakunye (c) 2013
Trafford Publishing: 32 pp, £7.
Orders: Online at http://www.trafford.com or e-mail: orders@trafford.com; also available at major online booksellers, including Amazon.


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