Dereck Mpofu on “Pol*Tics”

Mugabe Rigs Election But Economy Tumbles|
Given the choice between saving the economy and pumping up his, some say, oversized political ego, Robert Mugabe would choose the latter anytime. Now that the election is past, America and Britain have been promised fabulous wealth through diamonds if they accepted the rigged outcome, what’s there to write about, you may ask. The answer was there in the Sunday Mail, plain for all to see: a whopping $1 billion has been taken out of Zimbabwe since the day before the July 31 election. The speculators say the reason for this is that Bob is out to crush everyone who opposed him, by indigenising everything, including the indigenous. By that they mean daylight robbery using cleverly crafted laws and plenty of anti-colonial rhettoric. Save for the diamonds in Marange, there is nothing that this regime seems particularly keen to protect. OK, there have been unexplained deaths, and a lot of quarelling over who will succeed “Mudhara”. Personally, I dont care. One way or the other, these “bad boys” are out to milk us and suck
us dry.
I am happy Roy Bennett is not leaving MDC. He must be the only one with the rusty key to the golden safe where the million dollars in membership fees must be hidden. So, bolt the doors, search everyone before they go.
And so JZ decides to dump Mugabe by way of simply not attending his inauguration. That was a slap in the face.
At least Zuma could have had the decency of coming to tell us the GNU was over, in person. Or was Mr Zuma too embarrassed to come, after allowing Mugabe to get away with murder?


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