South Africa’s notorious rapists, who police say attack a woman every 36 seconds, could soon face justice faster after the government revealed plans to re-introduce special “sex courts”.
Justice minister Jeff Radebe said on Tuesday that work on setting up the courts had started. He said 57 regional courts would be upgraded and equipped to act as sexual offences courts.
“We believe that these sexual offences courts will help address the growing challenge of sexual offences in the country, particularly vulnerable groups,” Radebe said.
South Africa is the rape capital of the world, according to the UN, but most of the cases go unreported, according to researchers. A survey showed that a third of victims did not report for fear of reprisals, 10 percent thought police would not help while 9 percent were too embarassed.
Another study showed that 40 percent of SA women were raped in their lifetime but only one in nine reported to the police. Reported rape, sexual abuse of children and sexual violence were on the rise.
“We hope all of us in our communities will work with government to deal with sexual violence and cement a human rights-based society,” Radebe said.


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