Losing MDC-T presidential candidate Morgan Tsvangirai has welcomed a proposal by Botswana president Ian Khama for an audit of the contentious vote held last week.
Tsvangirai, who called Jacob Zuma “delusional” after the South African president prematurely congratulated Mugabe, on Tuesday refused to halt court action challenging the results, and effectively blocking Mugabe’s inauguration.
“Accepting the July 31 sham elections as legitimate sets a dangerous benchmark for the SADC region and the entire African continent,” Tsvangirai said.
He, however, welcomed the Botswana president’s call for an investigation into the conduct of the poll.
Said Tsvangirai: “I salute President Ian Khama for defending SADC principles on free and fair elections. Botswana’s call for a forensic audit of this election is laudable. It is hazardous to endorse a flawed election in the hope that this will resolve the Zimbabwean crisis. SADC, the African Union and the entire international community will soon come to realise the massive repercussions of this grand electoral theft.”


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