The decision by Russia to grant temporary asylum to fugitive U.S. intelligence analyst Edward Snowden is threatening to plunge a high level summit scheduled for Moscow in September into chaos.
“When it comes to the utility of a summit in Moscow, a bilateral summit, we are evaluating that against not just our disagreements over Mr. Snowden, but some of the other issues where we have failed to see, thus far, eye to eye,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters Monday.
He said the Obama administration was still to make the decision on whether or not to attend.
“We obviously disagree with the Russians very strongly about the decision they’ve made on Mr. Snowden. We disagree with the Russians on a number of other issues, including Syria, and we have made those disagreements plain, both publicly and privately, in our discussions with the Russians,” Carney said.
Snowden is holed up at a secret location in Russia after leaving the airport transit lounge where he spent weeks, amid tense negotiations. His lawyer released a smiling photo of the wanted spy and a Russian celebrity and several women offered him romance on social networks.


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