Zimbabweans on Friday launched a potent campaign of passive resistance aimed at crippling the Robert Mugabe regime following rigged elections on Wednesday.
Exiled MDC-T treasurer-general Roy Bennett, who is based in neighbouring South Africa, confirmed the development and said he was leading the non-violent campaign.
Bennett said the MDC-T’s presidential candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai was right to declare the election a “farce”.
“The desire for change is clear and now is the time to act, not to lie down and be trampled on. The revolution starts now,” said Bennett.
“We will start with passive resistance…do not pay your taxes, do not go to work, do not recognise this government. Your voice was taken from you on Wednesday and we should not give this corrupt regime one cent. Tell these crooks, ‘NO SAY, NO PAY’,” Bennett said.
He added that MDC-T members who won seats in the election should resist attempts to incorporate them into government structures.
The Mugabe regime has apparrently panicked over Bennett’s announcement, with state media denouncing him.
The MDC-T has rejected results of the elections, citing massive fraud.


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