In the old Zimbabwe, people could be arrested for sharing with their friends results of elections posted officially by ZEC officers outside polling stations. In the old Zimbabwe, people who discovered evidence of rigging and reported it, like Morgan Komichi, were instantly arrested and made “prime suspects” by vindictive cops who also moonlighted as Zanu PF commissars. In the old Zimbabwe, army generals who threatened to overthrow popularly MDC-T candidates and replace them with 90 year-old Zanu PF losers were instantly rewarded.
That was the old Zimbabwe which, hopefully, ended with the defeat of Robert Mugabe on July 31.
In the new Zimbabwe, governed by the new constitution, security forces shall not interfere with freedom of expression. As is the trend worldwide, all people, media groups, political parties etc will be allowed to tally the results posted outside polling stations and tell others what they found. We will no longer have ZEC being forced to announce cooked figures from Emmerson Mnangagwa and Joint Operations Command (JOC).
In fact, in the new Zimbabwe we will no longer have the JOC but the National Security Council, which will be answerable to a civilian Parliament like everyone else.
In the new Zimbabwe, the Rome Statute will be signed. Any security forces who commit genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity such as Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina and June 27 will be posted to the International Criminal Court for trial and punishment.
In the new Zimbabwe, Charity Charamba will be sued for threatening webloggers who publish official election results declared by ZEC presiding officers at polling stations. In fact, in the new Zimbabwe, Charamba types who mislead the public and cost the state money through litigation will be made to bear the costs of the lawsuits and eventually get sacked.
In the new Zimbabwe, those like Augustine Chihuri, Godwin Matanga, Charity Charamba and Oliver Mandipaka who abuse police uniforms and twist the law to campaign for political parties will be vetted out at early stages through a rigorous Parliamentary confirmation hearings process. Only professionals, who hate partisanship, injustice, bribery and corruption will be allowed to serve in the armed services.
In the new Zimbabwe, it will become respectable again to wear the uniform of your country, to bear arms to defend, not to attack and rape your own people. Police, military and intelligence officers will be well remunerated for their work and will not have to steal from the people. Recruitment and promotion will be on the basis of what you know and not who you know. Female officers will be free of sexual harassment and will get incentives and work conditions similar to male officers. Hard work will be rewarded like in all free societies and our officers and foot soldiers will no longer be despised. Our officers will no longer be the laughing stock and scum of the earth. On the basis of legitimate income, our officers should be able to feed and clothe their families, send kids to good schools and improve their own education, buy cars, houses and save for their retirement. The officers will be equipped with all necessary resources, facilities, tools and equipment to do their work.
In the new Zimbabwe, security forces will be able to vote for political parties of their choice and will not be vetted or monitored by the CIO to establish their political affiliation.
Officers who, like Staff Sergeant Wilfred Jaure, reject unlawful orders to attack civilians, will be rewarded, not tortured to death at detention barracks.


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