An elaborate plot by the Zanu PF-controlled Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to rig the election in favour of Robert Mugabe has been busted by the opposition, NOW DAILY can reveal.
Led by discredited pro-Mugabe former judge Rita Makarau, the ZEC plot involves changing electoral rules at the last minute, denying the MDC-T vital election information such as the voters roll, list of polling stations and sites for printing ballot papers.
Makarau is also accused of allowing the unreformed military to run the key ZEC Logistics Committee, denying voter registration to millions, preventing non-resident Zimbabweans from voting, refusing to accredit JOMIC observers and barring the media from covering the vote.
On Sunday, Makarau instigated the arrest of Morgan Tsvangirai’s chief election agent Morgan Komichi after he provided ZEC and the media with evidence of rigging.
Tsvangirai told supporters at Chibuku Stadium in Chitungwiza that ZEC had gone into rigging overdrive. He gave Makarau until Monday to prove that she was capable of running a credible election.
“Latest information I am receiving is that ZEC is changing the goalposts and now wants to scrap the counting of ballots at polling stations,” Tsvangirai said in a statement. “They are planning to move ballot boxes to command centres for counting. We will not accept such a move. We will not allow any ballot box to be moved from the polling station until every vote has been counted at the polling station.”
Tsvangirai said ZEC was showing signs that it was corruptible.
“My chief election agent, Senator Morgan Komichi, was arrested at the insistence of ZEC after he handed over evidence that ballot papers from the special vote were dumped in a bin. If ZEC can’t control this process, they must say so. We are tired of votes being manipulated,” Tsvangirai said.
Mugabe denied there was rigging and on Sunday told a rally in Harare Tsvangirai was a ‘cry baby’.
“Mugabe calls me a cry baby. I am not a cry baby. I am a principled leader,” Tsvangirai told supporters. “After all this struggle, having lost so much, having been brutalised, harassed, why should I allow someone to go through this? I want to assure you that after 31 July, Zimbabwe will be on a new path of democracy.”


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